Our custom-programming services give you a high-quality, cost-effective solution fast...guaranteed. That’s possible because all of our programmers and analysts have between 10 and 20 years experience with Epicor Software (formerly Dataworks) in UniVerse and UniData environments. So, you know you'll not only get a solution customized for the way you do business, but that it will work correctly with your existing Epicor Software version.

In addition, when you work with QSS, you know you’re working with a custom-software company that’s constantly looking for ways to enhance its services. That’s why we’ve transitioned our business to use the Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application development platform for a great majority of our solutions.

.NET Framework-based application can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line because it provides seamless connections with multiple applications and databases. It’s also an excellent way to connect back-end systems and combine information, thus providing your business with the opportunity to offer an unparalleled quality of service.

Other services we offer that incorporate the benefits of .NET Framework-based application include:

Click here for a PDF that summarizes the services we offer. Click here for a PDF that showcases solutions we've developed for our clients.

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