Office Link – Your link to Microsoft® Office products

Make your business more productive and profitable with Office Link, QSS’s newest custom-programming service. Office Link lets you access information with a touch of a button. No uploading or downloading ASCII files, no incompatibility problems – just a seamless integration of and in real time.

Here's a taste of what Office Link can do for you

  • Microsoft Word – touch a hot-key and a Word template opens and loads with database information. Use it for everything from quotations to engineering documents and drawings.
  • Microsoft Excel – tap a hot-key to load database information into an existing workbook, spreadsheet or graph. Plus, with appropriate security clearances, you can update changes made in Excel back to your Epicor database automatically.
  • Microsoft Access – take advantage of all of Access’ capabilities while automatically updating your ERP system directly from Access.
  • Microsoft Outlook® – fax or email transactions, documents and messages directly from your ERP system using any networked workstation to really expedite requests. Examples of what you can automatically send to your customers, suppliers or employees include:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Change Orders
    • Order Acknowledgments
    • Shipping Notifications
    • Material Shortage Notifications
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® – click on any hot-key to transfer data directly into PowerPoint and create color graphics, charts and presentations.

Want to see more? Here’s a complete PDF brochure about Office Link: Office Link PDF brochure for Avanté; Office Link PDF brochure for DataFlo; Office Link PDF brochure for Man-Fact II.

With Office Link in your office, your business can be more productive, efficient, and profitable. Call QSS today. (800) 314-8388.