Make your business more efficient with our wireless PDA solutions

Retrieve Epicor data from wherever you are. View purchase or sales orders from anywhere in the country and check inventory status at anytime. All this and more is available with our customized mobile computing solutions.

Our wireless PDA applications are Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application based and run on Pocket PC devices. They stand alone, so you don't need any additional software, nor do you need to have your ERP system accessible on the internet to use our applications. All updates to your database use your existing ManFact™, DataFlo™ or Avanté™ business rules, so you can be assured of the integrity for every transaction.

Take a closer look at what our solutions can do for you

See samples of the different PDA applications we offer. Each PDF provides a step-by-step process illustrating how easy each application is:

Wireless PDA Inventory Inquiry: Now you can check the status of your inventory wherever you may be. Our solution allows you the flexibility of accessing your inventory online and in real time, down to the bin, lot and/or serial level. Best yet, not only can you check a specific part, but you can see what parts are existing in an inventory location or bin.
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Wireless PDA Work Order Inquiry: Check work order details at any time and any place. You can access a variety of information quickly and easily. It’s never been easier to see shortages, component details and even the current status of each step in the routing.
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Wireless PDA Sales Order Inquiry: View details from individual sales orders. You can display outstanding schedules, shipments, notes and total order amounts.
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Wireless PDA Purchase Order Inquiry: Examine details from individual purchase orders. You can also check outstanding schedules, receipts made against the line item, notes and total order amount.
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Remember, we specialize in customizing all our solutions for your individual business. These are just a few examples – we can tailor any existing ManFact, DataFlo or Avanté screen to work on a wireless scanner, and we can create any new screen that you need. On top of that, for whatever solution you choose, we pride ourselves on making it affordable and cost-effective.