Create formulas with ease

Need to provide nutritional information for food, vitamins, supplements, etc. that you manufacture? QSS makes this easy with our customized formulary system.

Just enter the raw materials and their related percentage of nutrients, amino acids and vitamins based from the USRDI. The formulary system will then automatically compute such items as total calories, fat calories, poly unsaturated fats, sugars, carbohydrates, lysines, etc.

Above is the main formulary application screen.

Take a closer look at what our formulary system offers:

  • A raw material and commodities maintenance screen that tracks up to 19 predefined nutrient characteristics and 18 amino acid characteristics
  • A vitamin maintenance screen that allows you to track potency, container sizes and percent of USRDI
  • A customer maintenance screen that allows you to identify and maintain customer information
  • A formula maintenance screen that allows you to create and maintain formulas, automatically compute nutrient and amino acid content and automatically compute percentage of content of all raw materials and vitamins
  • A laboratory formula report
  • A vitamin core report
  • An amino acid profile report
  • A formula analysis worksheet
  • A formula Excel export facility
  • A customer import facility
  • A component/part cost and price import facility
  • Multi-user capability
  • Other components that allow you to make batch information to be used to create the actual product. This includes creating the base mixture, vitamin mixture, pre-mix mixtures, sequencing and mixing instructions for each item in the mixture. Batches can be dynamically rescaled for each run.

Remember, we specialize in customizing all our solutions for your individual business. On top of that, for whatever solution you choose, we pride ourselves on making it affordable and cost-effective.