Put the power and flexibility of Crystal Reports® to work for your business.

The world’s leader in reporting software, Crystal Reports allows you to:

  • Distribute reports over the internet
  • Create a wide variety of charts and graphs
  • Integrate reports into other applications

Plus, Crystal Reports makes it easy for you to do all this with its easy-to-use graphical user interface.

However, as an Epicor database user, you haven’t been able to take advantage of everything Crystal Reports offers…until now. QSS has created a Crystal Reports interface that essentially “normalizes” your database. In other words, we eliminate the multi-values! You’ll have a seamless interface between Crystal Reports and your Avanté™, DataFlo™ or ManFact™ system. Our solution offers you an easy way to:

  • Slice and dice and drag and drop information any way you wish
  • Create presentation-quality, interactive graphs and reports
  • View the “Big Picture” summary
  • Drill into the details with a few clicks
  • Publish and view reports by any user using a standard Web browser or wireless Pocket PC
  • Connect to other databases, like Microsoft® Access and Microsoft SQL Server™, and combine reporting

Above illustration shows reporting links between multi-valued tables
from Universe or UniData

On top of all that, with our Crystal Reports interface, you’ll have:

  • A native Microsoft .NET Framework-based application integrated solution
  • No more data warehousing – information is online and in real time
  • No more fighting with multi-values to get a custom report

More information about our Crystal Reports interface can be found here.

Start taking advantage of Crystal Reports today. Choose which level of reporting best meets your needs – individual views, modular views or a system-wide solution. Contact us for an estimate.