From complete custom programming to bar code solutions – QSS offers you a variety of services that can help businesses run smoother and more efficiently.

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Bar code

A printed pattern of wide and narrow vertical bars used to represent numerical codes in machine readable form. A bar code reader scans bar codes and, with special data, converts the bar code into readable data.

Combine bar code readers and printers with RF technology and you can make your business more productive and profitable. More information about our bar code solutions can be found here.

Crystal Reports®

Crystal Reports is the world’s leader in reporting software, allowing you to do everything from distribute reports over the internet in real time, create a variety of charts and graphs and integrate reports into other applications. QSS has developed a custom interface that allows you to take full advantage of everything Crystal Reports offers you very easily. Here you can find information on our integration between Crystal Reports and your Epicor System.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI is the fastest way for companies to exchange documents, since data flows directly from computer to computer. Each document is translated into a standard format and sent electronically. You have the data available when you need it. Benefits of using EDI include:

  • Reducing volume of paper forms
  • Reducing amount of time it takes to process information
  • Streamlining operations
  • Decreasing costs

Whether your business is large or small, you can benefit from EDI. Here you can find more information about QSS’s EDI solutions.



EDI*Port is a software package from Userbase Systems that provides electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. Here you can find more information about our EDI solutions.


Formulary System

Our solution for manufacturers that need to manufacture formulas and provide nutritional information for food, vitamins, supplements. Allows entry of the raw materials and their related percentage of nutrients, amino acids and vitamins based from the USRDI. The formulary system computes such items as total calories, fat calories, poly unsaturated fats, susgars, carbohydrates, lysines, etc.



Gentran is an electronic data interchange (EDI) software package from Sterling Commerce. QSS and Sterling Commerce have developed a close, working relationship over the years, resulting in many satisfied customers. Here you can find more information about our EDI solutions.


Microsoft .NET Framework-based application

.NET Framework-based application provides seamless connections with multiple applications and databases, improving your bottom line. It’s also an excellent way to connect back-end systems and combine information so you can offer an unparalleled quality of service. For more information on how .NET Framework-based application can benefit your business, contact us.


Office Link

A customized, seamless link between ERP systems and Microsoft Office products without uploading or downloading ASCII files. The transfer of data occurs online and in real time. Here you can find more information about this time- and cost-saving service.


PDA interfaces

We can program any Epicor screen for a wireless PDA, thus allowing your on-the-go employees constant contact with your Epicor data. Here you can find more information about our wireless solutions.


(RF) Radio frequency

RF technology can be used to transmit digital information between portable wireless equipment and powerful databases/software stored on your company’s computers. This allows for rapid collection and distribution of data between your warehouse and your office. Use of wireless bar code readers and portable label printers allows inventory and tracking tasks that once took hours to complete to be done in minutes.

Here you can find more information about RF data collection.



STX is a software package from Harbinger that provides electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. Here you can find more information about our EDI solutions.


Time and Attendance and Labor Collection

Replace paper time clock cards and manual data entry with our online time and attendance tracking system. Improve accuracy and save time. Here you can find more information about customized time and attendance and labor tracking.


XML Web Services

A fast, secure way to communicate information in today’s world, XML Web Services allow your company to make information available over the internet, as well as to use information other companies have made available over the internet. Here you can find more information on how we can customize the power of information exchange for your business.