If you want an Avanté solution that’s:

  • High quality
  • Fast
  • Cost-effective
  • Guaranteed

Then you want to take a closer look at QSS’s quality custom-programming services.

High quality
With QSS, you can feel confident you’ll always receive a high-quality, customized solution tailored to you and your way of doing business.

You say you need it fast? No problem. We’re able to work within tight deadlines. Plus, by using only senior programmer analysts with extensive experience on Avanté, we save you time and money because we do the job right the first time.

Compare our prices to our competitors – we’re sure you’ll like what you see. Not only that, our customized solutions are often less expensive than “packaged” ones – plus they’re customized for the way you do business.

At QSS, we understand programming in your Avanté environment. PRC is used for all modifications, in addition to our own standard of clearly blocking all changes AND following the standards recommended by Epicor. We develop our solutions with your future upgrades in mind. That’s how we can guarantee our services and it’s why we’re still in business after 14 years. Our customers come back to us time and time again for all their programming needs because they know we’ll do the job fast and we’ll do it right...guaranteed.

Click here for a PDF that summarizes the services we offer.

Want to have a dramatic impact on your bottom line? We program a lot of our applications using Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application platform. With it, we can provide a seamless connection with multiple applications, databases, back-end systems as well as supply you with the newest up-to-date screen handling techniques.

But the best way to see how we make your life easier is to give us a try. Contact us for your next programming project. You’ll like what you see...we guarantee it.